by Leslee Stewart

One of the things I love most about Grace Family Church is the worship music. I always get to church early because I never want to miss a moment of worship. It’s the time when I feel closest to God. I let loose, celebrate and praise God with everything I have.

Each week, the GFC worship team leads the congregation in some of the most dynamic and diverse praise music out today. Want to praise the Lord with a Latin beat? We got that. Want to worship him with slow strings and an orchestral sound? We got that. Want to jump up and down, and pump your fists for freedom? We got that. There is always a song for everyone.

And now you don’t have to be in church to get the GFC worship experience. The new GFC worship CD, Sold Out was just released. It features some of the best songs from our weekend services. Some of my personal favorites include, “Freedom is Here,” sung with unbridled passion by Casey Bonham, “Rescue” featuring the beautiful, honest vocals of Taylor Bonham, and “Praise You,” with the awesome Regge-style rap by Dondy Telesford.

Originally I bought one copy for myself, but after listening to it for a few days, I picked up three more copies to give to friends this Christmas. I want them to get as sold out as I am!

Get your copy of Sold Out at the Source bookstore in the GFC lobby. $10 for one, or 3 for $25.

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