Today’s post comes from Kim Weizycki, who wrote a review of the book One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp.

It is a season of Thanksgiving. A time when we more consciously voice our gratitude. But can we practice this kind of gratitude daily, 365 days a year, even without the turkey and the trimmings?  Author and self-proclaimed, “wife to The Farmer, mama to six, determined laundress, chief bottle washer, and desperate Grace-clinger,” Ann Voscamp says, “yes,” and shows you how she does it.  With her journal and a pen.

Mrs. Voscamp’s book One Thousand Gifts is a gift to the soul. She shares intimate details of her tragic losses and fears… anger and redemption.  And she does it through writing that can only be described as if it was painted on the pages with the most brilliant colors and brushes available to a writer. 

“My tongue has had a razor edge and my eyes have rolled haughty and my neck has been stiff and graceless and I have lived the filth ugly, an idolater, a glutton, and a grace-thief who hasn’t had time for thanks.” (p. 115)

She tackles the question: What does it mean to live full of grace? To live fully alive?  Especially when you feel empty?  She recognizes the sin of ingratitude and does something proactive about it.

The emphasis of the book is on one word: eucharisteao, or “charis” meaning “grace.” Grace, meaning thanksgiving and joy.  A humble gratitude.  She beautifully illustrates when Jesus has shown His grace to us. She shows us how Christ broke his heart to heal ours and how his grace never ends.  And in that revelation, her journaling of the gifts begins…

“…windmills droning in a day’s last breeze” (p.48)

“…long, lisped prayers” (p. 49)

“…washing the warm eggs” (p.52)

“…bedsheets in blowing winds” (p. 53)

“…forgiveness of a sister” (p.82)

“…kettle whistling for tea on a cold afternoon” (p 82)

1000 gifts. Naming the moments she is grateful for helps the author live fully the life God means for her to live. And that gift is for us, too. Slow down, see God in EVERYTHING, give thanks, NAME the gifts.

“They say time is money, but that’s not true. Time is life. And if I want the fullest life, I need to find fullest time.” –Ann Voskamp

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