by Paige Eavenson

With Christmas only days away, the pressure to be ready can feel overwhelming. It’s often very easy to get a little “Grinchy” with our attitude, especially when things aren’t going quite how we might have planned them. Here are five things I’ve come up with to not let the Grinch in you steal Christmas:

1. Have high expectations. 
Let’s face it; we women can have some pretty high expectations when it comes to the holidays. We often want everything to look and feel like a Hallmark movie when in reality things get broken, life gets messy and those family members can drive us nutty.

shattered ornament
Poor ornament!

If the ornaments get shattered, the food isn’t hot and those people in your life drive you crazy, just remember this is only a season and it too will pass. Let the Lord meet your needs and fill you with his presence in the morning, then your cup will be overflowing and your joy contagious to those around you.

2. Criticize your family and your gifts.
Even if it’s only in your head, if you are critical of your family and the gifts you receive your joy is sure to be zapped out of you quickly. There is nothing worse than being around a negative and critical person, so do your best to make sure you’re not that gal. The opposite of the word critical is complimentary, so look to see who you can complement this Christmas.  It’s a whole lot more fun to spread some Christmas cheer and compliment someone. So be on the lookout for opportunities to give someone praise.

3. Compare yourself with other families.
If you spend too much time on  Facebook or reading blogs, you might start wishing you could just be adopted by someone else’s family. Don’t buy this lie. Every family has issues and junk in their family line.  When the comparison trap tries to lure you in, take a step back and make a list in your head or on paper, if you have time, of all that is wonderful about your family. Thankfulness changes our perspective while comparison just leaves us in a funk.

4. Spend money on things you don’t need to impress people you don’t even like.
With all the sales and ads for the latest and greatest gadgets, clothes and accessories it’s hard not to want it all. Just throw the ads away right now and turn off the TV and delete the emails telling you what to buy right now or else you’ll miss it. Save yourself the headache in the new year trying to figure out how to pay for all the stuff you didn’t need with the money you didn’t have to impress the people you don’t even like.

5. Forget Jesus is the reason for the season.
Christmas is a time for celebration of Jesus’ birth and all that it represents. When Jesus was born the angel said in Luke 2:10, “I bring you GOOD news of great joy , that will be for all the people.” Jesus is the good news and your job is to share Him with others and celebrate this Christmas season. 

May you all have a very blessed holiday and don’t let that Grinch in you sabotage your Christmas!





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