by Kim Wiezycki

Does God exist? This is the argument that gets explored in Focus on the Family’s TrueU, a video series that my Bible study group just completed.  At times we thought our brains would burst from the overwhelming amount of fascinating information that was touched upon during each 25-minute session of this 10 part series. But we hung in there and feel we are more equipped in our understanding of the Christian worldview and the other world views that we will be exposed to throughout life. The purpose of doing this study was to learn how to better defend our faith in an ever increasingly hostile culture.

TrueU was designed to help prepare teens and college-aged youth to have a better understanding of the persuasive arguments against faith, God, and morals that they will be challenged with during their high school and college careers.

The series begins with Dr. Stephen Meyer, a highly credentialed professor in the History and Philosophy of Science who has undergraduate degrees in physics and geology. He has studied at Cambridge University and is the founder of the Intelligent Design movement among scientists. He reminds us that Peter says, “Always be prepared to give a reason for the hope you have.” And the exploration of our faith begins…

Dr. Meyer addresses a group of college students with the question, “Does God exist?,” and through a series of deductive reasoning exercises based on scientific data, research, and knowledge of what each of the world religions believes, he sets out to show how the evidence, by deductive reasoning, does indeed point to the fact that God does exist and that He is a personal God who desires to have a relationship with us.

The topics explored in this series are faith, the Big Bang Cosmology and the universe, DNA and the intricate design of life, and, morals and what the different worldviews believe and why.  Dr. Meyer includes quotes and research from known scientists such as Hubble, Einstein, Newton as well as modern day atheists so we will be equipped to know the arguments being made against Christianity, or God in general, and be better prepared to defend our faith.

Both TrueU studies, “Does God Exist?” and “Is the Bible Reliable,” can be purchased at or leaders may check them out from the GFC small group resources to view with their Bible study groups.

Kim has been married to Larry Wiezycki for 16 years and they have two boys, ages 9 and 11. When Kim isn’t in church, she can be found teaching curly girls how to take care of their hair, spending way too much time on Facebook or reading real books, and running a 5k here and there. 

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