by Paige Eavenson

In the wake of the tragic school shooting that happened last week in Connecticut, it’s hard to see God’s kindness in any way, shape or form in this world. As I watched the news reports on TV, I sat and cried for those parents who lost their young children and asked, “God how can you let this happen. Especially to these children who were so innocent…and at Christmas time?” I have children the same age as some of those from Sandy Hook Elementary, and I couldn’t help but want to pull my kids closer and be thankful for the moments we are getting to share, yet so many parents are not able to hold their babies close nor will they ever be able to again.

As I’ve prayed about what to write in light of the topic of kindness and all that has happened in our world this week, the first verse that came to mind was Romans 12:21, “Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.”

Evil is all around us in this world, but God’s Word teaches us that we do not have to be overcome by evil but that we can overcome evil with good. I believe this can start with kindness.

The word kindness comes from the Greek word chrestotes (khray-stot-ace), which meant to show kindness or to be friendly to others, and often depicted rulers, governors, or people who were kind, mild, and benevolent to their subjects. Anyone who demonstrated this quality of chrestotes was considered to be compassionate, considerate, sympathetic, humane, kind, or gentle. The apostle Paul uses this word to depict God’s incomprehensible kindness for people who are unsaved (see Romans 11:22; Ephesians 2:7; 2 Thessalonians 1:11).

Kindness is basically goodness in action, without expecting anything in return, even to those who are taxing your patience. Kindness is something we each have the ability to share. I’m sure you can think of at least a handful of people who need God’s touch through your random acts of kindness. Maybe it’s your spouse, your children or just your coworker or neighbor.

Whoever it is, I challenge you this week to be aware of the opportunities God is giving you to extend kindness to others. You never know, your act of kindness just might be the one good thing God wants to use to overcome some of the evil in this world.


Paige Eavenson and her family have been part of Grace Family Church for 13 years and she currently serves on staff as a women’s small group coach. A homeschool mom of three, Paige is an avid reader who loves collecting new friends and helping people get connected into small groups. You can learn more about Paige on her blog,

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