by Kristin Bonham

I love looking through Psalms and Proverbs in my Bible because so many verses are underlined and highlighted.  I have notes written off to the side; there are dates and names of family members and friends I have prayed for. It’s like a prayer journal that I keep adding to over and over.

One of my favorite chapters is Psalm 93.  It’s short compared to most, but has spoken so strongly to me over the years. 

God is King, robed and ruling,
God is robed and surging with strength.
And yes, the world is firm, immovable,
Your throne ever firm – you’re Eternal!
Sea storms are up, God,
Sea storms wild and roaring,
Sea storms with thunderous breakers.
Stronger than wild sea storms,
Mightier than sea-storm breakers,
Mighty God rules from High Heaven.
What you say goes—it always has.
“Beauty” and “Holy” mark your palace rule,
God, to the very end of time.
(The Message)

Can you picture God as King robed and ruling? Stronger that wild sea storms?  He is Almighty, Conqueror and King.  He is Beauty, Freedom, Holy and Whole.  He is my Shield, Savior and Sovereign.

When circumstances are stressful or struggles come, it is easy to focus on the “sea storms” in life.  It takes a conscious effort from us to shift our focus back to God. He tells us who He is all through His Word.  He encourages us and lifts us up if we will look to Him and Psalm 93 is a great place to start!

So here’s what I do:  Whatever it is that is causing me to be anxious or that I am asking for an answer to, I say it.  I tell God what it is (as if He doesn’t already know).  And then I declare everything I can about God back to Him. “God, You are good, you are faithful, you are healer, you are my help, you are my strength, you are magnificent, you are mighty, you are more than enough, you are the answer, you know the beginning and the end, you are my defender, you are my deliverer, you are high, you are with me!”  I could go on and on!

God has proven to me over and over that when I do this and put my focus back on Him, I see more clearly, I gain hope, my faith increases, and I am able to release those things to Him and receive peace that is beyond my comprehension.  I still may have to walk through some tough things, but I have confidence that God is able to do way more, way faster, with way less effort than I can, and I would much rather let Him be in charge than rely on my own strength or resources.   


Kristin Bonham is a pastor’s wife and the Women’s Ministry Director at Grace Family Church. She’s been married to Chris for 24 years and is mom to Taylor, Abby and Casey. She loves the beach, New York City and traveling with Chris to anywhere tropical. She collects books and reads some of them. Her favorite part of the week is Sunday lunch with family and friends around the table.

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