by Dawn Smiling 

I have a list for everything.  I have a list for the store, and a list for work.  I have a list for my task at home, and a list for projects.  I even have a list for my son and daughter, although I am sure they would not appreciate it.  They are grown adults now so why do I have a list for them. I eagerly drive to the store and purchase a brand new spiral notebook to create my list. I list everything and number the pages. I create my list in order to move the thoughts out of my mind and onto paper. Isn’t that what I should do?  How many times have I heard never to keep everything in your head?  Doesn’t the bible say “write the vision and make it plain?” Is every thought a vision? It was not until recently that I started to analyze my posture before the Lord, and how my posture correlates to my list.

How does God view my list? I took a look at my spiral notebooks.  As I looked at these cute spiral notebooks, I noticed I could not find one titled “Spending time with Jesus”, or “What did God ask me to do today”. I think list are great, but as I continue to grow in God, I am learning that all of my list need to be God centered. 

God has to be in the details. I must admit, I seldom get up and bring my list of task to God. I bring my list of wants to God, and I bring my list of needs to God.  But how often do I come into God’s presence and have a one on one meeting? When was the last time I asked God to evaluate my progress? When I create my list, no one disagrees with me because I don’t run my list by anyone. But when I began to change my posture before God, I began to hear different things from God.  He began to question all of my motives to ensure they are pure and effective for the glory of His kingdom.

When Jesus entered the Garden of Gethsemane, He had a one on one with our Father.  Luke 22:42 tells us Jesus said “Father, if you are willing, take this cup from me; yet not my will, but yours be done.” This is a private meeting going over a list that was created a long time ago.  Yet, we find Jesus reviewing the list of instructions. He refused to remove anything from the list of assignments without God’s permission.

I have decided to consolidate.  I have a new spiral notebook.  The name of it is “Gethsemane”.  I am excited about my new list.  I am entering the zone.  This list is being created in prayer with an open ear to the Father. Gethsemane is derived from two Hebrew words GAT and SHMANIM, “the place where olive is pressed”.  If my list only has three or four items on it, I am happy to do it for God.  As women, we can handle a million and one things at a time. But is God getting the best out of you.  Is your list so long, you don’t have time to ask God what He thinks?

The suffering and sacrifice of Jesus allowed the Holy Spirit to be poured out on all of us.  I believe we all have a book called Gethsemane.  A list of request from God has already been predestined as God said in the book of Jeremiah, “I know the plans I have for you”. 

My prayer is that we review our list, and make sure that God is in the center of our business. Do you have a special list between you and God?  A list where God has instructed you on the beauty of your life and the awesome plans, assignments and goals He has set for you?  Stay in the press and hear from God. Share your comments and thoughts below!

Dawn Smiling enjoys volunteering at Grace Family Church as a prayer counselor, part of the soul care ministry, and as a table leader for Beautiful Monday Nights.


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