We had a great time at A Beautiful Weekend 2014! Sharon Tubbs shared on being an “Authentic Women” and we truly saw the beauty that God created us to be! We wanted to share some testimonies with you from women who attended and give you a little glimpse of the lives that were changed at the retreat!! We hope they encourage you and inspire you just as much as they did with us!


“My word was “enough”- I cried the minute I saw my word. Because before when I didn’t feel enough in a previous unhealthy relationship, trying to change who I was, God said to me on September 25h “You are ENOUGH!” My Kind, My Savior, said to me that I WAS ENOUGH! That He LOVES ME as I am! I will forever hold on to this word!”


“God reminded me of His love and that I can go forward. Angela Bartlett’s group was inspiring because her testimony was like mine so it gave me hope that I will recover. Sharon’s words are always powerful and direct! I heard the voice of God clearly through her message and I have direction to do what I need to do.”


“I came here at the tail end of a 14 month marital separation that has led to the signing of divorce papers last week. I am crushed, it is unwanted, but God has allowed it. I am without understanding. But…this morning I had closure. 1st the song “You were there”…”You did not forsake me”…then followed up with “Oceans”. He has been there all along- allowed that door to close and now calls me upon the waters. And I will go!”


“I have been through a hectic year to a year and a half. It is through these times that I have felt God more than ever. This weekend was amazing and exactly what I needed to believe that I AM BEAUTIFUL! For so very long I didn’t like the woman in the mirror and I loved it deep down in me. However, I have been through a transformation these last 9 months with my physical appearance and now, after this weekend, I truly feel in my mind, body and spirit, like the Beautiful woman God created me to be!!”



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