by Nancy Strackany

God, I’m sorry I haven’t been praying that much lately. That’s probably why I don’t feel very close to you… I know I need to get up earlier, but I stay up too late watching TV.  It’s because I’m watching that series.  I know I shouldn’t be watching it.  It’s affecting me and it’s all Bill’s fault.  He was watching it and before long, I got sucked into it.

There is nowhere else I can go.  We need a bigger house.  One with a media room where Bill isn’t in the middle of everything I do.  Gay told me the housing market is flat right now, maybe we’ll look after Christmas.

Oh Christmas, I am always overwhelmed at Christmas.  God, I have so much shopping to do.  I have to buy something for my two grandsons but they have so much already and I have no idea what they want.  I sent them a Nativity scene last year. I can’t talk about Jesus any other time of the year to them.

I need a cup of coffee.  Where is the cream?  Oh there’s that leftover pie!  Why did I have two pieces last night?  I have no self-control. I always gain five pounds over the holidays.  Lord, give me strength to resist that pie today. I could throw it out but Bill would be upset. Why does everything make me feel guilty?

And God, I forgot Bill said he wanted to have people over on Christmas Eve.  He said he’d help but I know he won’t.  He has no clue what I go through when we have company.  I have to do all the food, plus clean the house.  He said we could buy everything, but that would be terrible.

Lord, give me strength to get through the holiday.  I know I said I would have my neighbor over for coffee, but really, I’m too busy.  Lord, I am overwhelmed and I know you hear all my prayers but Father why don’t you answer me?



Nancy, I do hear you and I understand life can be overwhelming.   I can give you peace if you ask me.  You need to find the time to quiet and still your mind and your spirit.  You do not need to have bigger rooms or another house, or more of anything.  You just need a quiet space to come to me with no distractions.  I will give you rest from all your worries.

Remember I love you.  What you can give your husband, family and friends this holiday season is that love.  It can come in a package, a card, a phone call or a hug.  It can come as a cup of coffee and a listening ear. When you love this way, your family and friends can see me through you.

When you look to me you will know what is important and what isn’t.  Remember me as you work, being thankful for all the blessings you have.  Take time to rest.  Let others help you.  Let Bill buy the food for the party and enjoy an opportunity to share your home, as the service of hospitality is so important to me.

Don’t worry or be anxious about your children’s or grandchildren’s salvation. It is my work to call them and to know the time of that calling.  It is yours to plant those seeds, to love and nurture them and trust that your prayers are being answered.

You cannot be all things for everyone.  You can do your part each day and rest knowing that I am working.   Forgive those people who disappoint you and remember that you have also disappointed someone and I forgave you.

Ask your husband to do something fun and maybe he will turn off that TV.  Trust that I am speaking to his heart also. We both think you are wonderful and don’t want you to be too concerned about one piece of pie. If you want to talk I am always available to listen.


Nancy has been married to Bill for 44 years, has five children and six grandchildren.  She has attended Grace Family Church for five years and is involved in Beautiful Tuesday Mornings.  She loves to read, write, paint and garden.

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  1. A truly beautiful and timely message. Be still my soul…
    Thank you for this post. It is well received!

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