As a Christian counselor I see one of the biggest areas of struggle that we as people, and yes even christians have, is controlling our thoughts.  Human nature tends toward negative maybe even ungrateful thoughts.  And at a time in our world where so many are going through such hard times it’s hard not to allow our thoughts to go toward all the negative and difficult things that life throws at us.  When we allow our thoughts to continue to dwell in a place of discontentment and negativity it affects everything about us, our feelings, our behavior and even the course of our lives.


The bible tells us in Psalm 23:7 “As a man thinks in his heart, so will he be” and in Proverbs 4:23 “Guard your heart above all else, for it determines the course of your life”.

So one of the most powerful tools we can use in our lives to create a feeling of peace and joy is to develop a thankful heart – according to the above scripture a thankful heart will have a positive affect on the course of your life.

There is a type of “power” you receive from being thankful, no matter what your circumstances may be. This is a biblical principal, “Be thankful in ALL circumstances, for this is God’s will for you who belong to Christ Jesus.” and is scientifically proven.

The key is to focus on what is working for you, instead of what is not working. How do we do this? Start by:

  • Noticing the small things in life: a child’s smile, the smell of coffee or maybe just getting up in the morning.
  • Get a notebook and pen: keep in your purse or car and slow down and notice the good things in your life.
  • Write down a least three things to be thankful for a day.

Studies have shown that people who are thankful and have a positive outlook on life are more likely to:

  • Be more creative
  • Bounce back from adversity faster
  • Be less intimidated by challenges
  • Have a higher immune response
  • Be more alert and interested
  • Be more adventurous
  • Live longer
  • More likely to help others
  • Be more likable
  • Be less judging

Remember, sometimes the most significant blessings are from the most insignificant events.


Kathy Cunningham is Kathy Cunninghama Christian Counselor with Pathseeker Center.  She is married to John, has 2 children and 3 grandchildren.  She enjoys being with family and helping people find hope and freedom in their lives.  



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  1. As I read this blog this morning, it reminded me of the struggles our family is going through these days. When you receive life changing news about your child, those horrible thoughts start to creep up. The what if.. The pitty.. The how could this.. The how I am going to deal with this..
    Your mind wanders every where. I was just speaking with my co- coworker yesterday and was mention to her, how all these thoughts have enter in my mind. I kept rebuking all those thought because I wanted peace and strength from God. I didn’t want those thought to overcome me.
    Thank God he is never late he sends his angels to surrounds us when we call out to him.
    Graceful that the God we serve is merciful and never forsake us.
    All the glory to God!!

    • Eli, I can so relate to what you are saying and I know in my life the one thing that keeps me centered at those times of so many unknowns is to dwell on the good things of God, of life and His Word. It is not easy. One thing I have found to be very helpful is to actually write out the fearful and negative thoughts and then write a postive truth from God’s Word that I can cling to and say that truth everyday. I will be keeping you in my prayers.

  2. Thank you for your uplifting words. In the course of my every day life I tend to forget the everyday blessings ( God giving me another day, my family, my health, my job,etc.)

    • I’m so glad this gave you encouragement Jessica!! We all need to be reminded occasionally of the blessing in our lives. Thank you for taking the time to comment.

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