by Michele Laccabue


I love summer! Time to refresh my soul. Time to rest and recharge. A time when I finally have time to read that 900 page novel under the shade of a palm tree. Can anyone relate?

Summer is also a good time to establish a new Bible-reading routine. Have you ever read the book of Proverbs over a month’s time? 31 chapters in 31 days. A daily dose of heavenly wisdom. The best kind of “One-A-Day vitamin”.

This July, I accepted the challenge. On day 10, chapter 10, God parked me on a word. He typically likes to get my attention by highlighting something at least three times. Ok, God, I’m listening. I wrote these verses in my journal:

“The mouth of the righteous is a fountain of life” Proverbs 10:11

“The lips of the righteous nourish many” Proverbs 10:21

“From the mouth of the righteous comes the fruit of wisdom” Proverbs 10:31

At first, I was drawn to the phrases: “fountain of life”, “nourish many”, and “fruit of wisdom”. I desire to be that person that speaks life into another, one that feeds a hurt, encourages a sister, and offers wise counsel. Show me Lord.

Notice the key word, the adjective that precedes each phrase…Righteous


A word I have seen numerous times, but, I have to admit, not much time has been spent thinking about its meaning. Honestly, the word is a bit daunting to me. It seems to be reserved for the Holiest of people and a lofty goal for someone like me. With close to 600 entries in the Bible (over 60 just in Proverbs), it is obviously important.

Righteous can simply be defined as: acting in a morally correct (right) manner. To go a bit further, it is: the conformity of heart AND life to the divine law. In other words, a righteous person is actively obedient, pure in heart, and dedicates their life to God and His Word. Yes, still daunting.

Thankfully, there is hope…

Righteousness is given through faith in Jesus Christ to ALL who believe”. Romans 3:22

Jesus is the answer! All who believe and have faith in Jesus are gifted with righteousness. He is the one that demonstrated righteousness in the presence of man and sacrificially removed our “wrongs” so we look “right” in the eyes of God. As Christ followers, we ARE righteous! We are fountains of life. We are able to nourish many, be fruitful, and share His wisdom.

Continue the Proverbs journey with me…

Truly the righteous attain life” Proverbs 11:19

Righteous will go free” Proverbs 11:21

Righteous will thrive” Proverbs 11:28

The house of the righteous stands firm” Proverbs 12:7

Heavenly Father, We praise you! You are alive in us, working in us, energizing us. Because of you, we are righteous and able to do the right thing and use the right words to bring life to others. Thank you for the wisdom we gain through the scriptures. Help us to conform our hearts and lives to your ways each and every day.   Amen


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