By Julie Jaunese


This week, actually March 18th, I will be 66 years old!  That brings new things and a new season to my life.  Even though I can begin collecting Social Security, things won’t change for me. I have worked since I was 14.   I love my job so I plan to continue working for a long time.  I grew up in Michigan and everyone in my family looked forward to turning 65, retiring and moving to Florida for the winters.  EVERY ONE!  Then God blessed me when I 32 years old and he moved us to Florida.



My Mom soon followed; then, over the years,  3 of my 4 sisters.  I began to work full time and increase my skills at several different types of jobs.  Now I will be 66 and really want to keep learning.  Is that so bad?  Must we slow down when we reach a certain age?  The Bible talks about age coming with wisdom and older women should share with the younger women and pass on their wisdom.


This is what I would like to pass on to you.  Psalm 111:10 says in the KJV “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom:  a good understanding have all they that do his commandments:  His praise endureth forever.”  In the Living Bible it says “How can men (women) be wise? The only way to begin is by reverence for God.  For growth in wisdom comes from obeying his laws.  Praise his name forever.”  How do you obey His Laws?  You must study HIS LAWS and open God’s word yourself.


We live in a time when people are telling us what “God would do” and “God won’t mind” or “God wouldn’t have invented it if he didn’t mean for you to use it.”  You see it every day in what you choose watch on TV.  Sometimes you see it in what you read on the internet and sometimes people just don’t care what God says, they do what they want to do, using the “God forgives” for their philosophy.  Even other Christian’s can be sheep in wolves clothing taking an opportunity to lead others astray, sometimes because they were led astray.


We are to do our homework and check to see if what we are being told aligns with God’s word.  With our actions come consequences, as you see in both the Old and New Testaments.  This is globally, as well as in the church and in our private lives. We are vulnerable to being deceived by others.   This happens in the young and the seasoned person, like me!  We may be misled in any area because we don’t know enough about what GOD says.


We can change that by knowing God ourselves and knowing His Word.  We can change from being a listener of others to being a seeker and reader of God’s Word. Even at 66 years old, I want to seek wisdom from God’s Word.  We all have that choice, will you take the challenge?

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  1. Happy Birthday!!
    Thank you for sharing your wisdom.
    Be blessed!

  2. His daily wisdom is what we need in every area of our lives. Waking up in praise to Him, seeking wisdom through the reading, study and meditaition of His Word is what makes life worth living. Bless Him forever.

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