By Sue Nichols


Recently, I started a new job. This was a very special time of my life because I didn’t go on a job search. In May, I told God I wanted to stop manipulating and controlling my career. I truly wanted to follow where he wanted me to be, however, I didn’t know where to start other than to pray.


ephesians_3_20--close-800x800I prayed every day. Some days it was several times a day. There were days I just cried. Others I had great hope. The job I had been working had become unbearable and stressful but I was steadfast in my belief that God would show me the job he wanted for me. By July, I was given a raise. This was needed because money was tight. I thanked God and kept praying for my new job.


In September, I heard God tell me to be patient. I was getting excited now! Things were beginning to change within me. I started to feel a peace washing over me. This helped me to pray even more. I really did become more patient, not only with God but other areas in my life….like my job. By October, I was beginning to think maybe I was supposed to stay in this job and that was why God was telling me to be patient.


On a Monday toward the end of October, I was leaving my Bible Study at Grace Family Van Dyke when I clearly heard God say, “Call Shannon and ask her for a job.” I told God to please forgive me but I was going to send her a text first. I sent a text saying that we needed to catch up. Shannon wrote back that things were crazy busy but she would be in touch.


What happened next brought me to my knees. Shannon finally called me on Friday morning. She asked how I was doing. I said good but more importantly, I wanted to know why things were so crazy busy for her. Shannon went on to tell me how people had gotten fired or quit at her company. They wanted to make her a manager but there was no one for her to manage. My jaw dropped. Then Shannon asked how I was doing. All I could think to do was to ask if she thought I could do her job. It was amazing! I was hired in December and I am already seeing why God has me here at this point in time.


I learned so many lessons from this six month journey. God can do so much more for us than what our simple minds can imagine or allow Him to do. When we are obedient and seek Him, He can WOW us every time! God’s timing is so perfect. When you are obedient and see the miracle unfold before you, it causes you to desire to be more obedient. What are you waiting for? What area in your life do you need to stop obsessing over and give up to God? Let God WOW you!

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  1. Thank you for sharing! If only written for me, I praise God as it is much needed! I was laid off work in January and still job searching. God wow-ed me with the severance package and I am very thankful. I can so relate to this however and admittedly have been losing motivation, momentum and some hope. So, thank you for sharing your experience, your strength in God, God’s hope and blessing.

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