By Chrissy Mayer


I have had the pleasure of leading a passionate group of women since January of this year. This group started with me and a casual mention that I was going to be doing a study on the topic of dreaming and running hard after God with everything you’ve got.  The group took on a life of its own and we ended up with 30 women who were saying yes to God.



Over the past year, these same words keep finding their way back to me through Word, or song, conversation, or caption, art, or prayer:

Awaken, Empower, Equip, and Unleash.

God began to unfold what this looks like.




No more allowing the enemy to tell us how we are unworthy or unfit.

We must do the work of surrendering our secrets, our pain, our disappointments to God. Our compost, the messiest waste of our lives, becomes the most fertile soil for God to birth something great. Out of our pain, we are able to see others pain, and because we have tasted freedom we become passionate about others freedom.


No more apologizing for using our gifts and talents, instead apologize for not using them.

We must do the work of discovering and acknowledging our gifts. We must accept our God-given responsibility to our generation and own it. We must do the work of growing our gifts. And most importantly we must get over ourselves and our fears and trust that what He calls you to that He will be faithful to see through.

God knew you before you were, and He put you right where He wanted you.”                                                                                                               Craig Groeschel


No more comparing ourselves with other women.FullSizeRender-4

We must fight to be inspired by other women – not intimidated. If our only purpose on this earth is to love God and love others, then ladies, for the sake
of mankind we have got to get it together! We must stop wasting time looking at her and saying “but she”. It is a mere distraction. A ploy. A weapon of warfare. So you do you – and do you well!

We must fight to find our tribe. Time and time again it is made evident that there is a very certain Power found in community with other like-minded women. We must fight to link arms with three types of women: the one running ahead of us, the one running beside us, and the one running behind us. We stay in our lane while we spur one another on to greater things. We have each been called to run our own unique races.


No more living out moments without intention.

We must realize that even in the seasons of the wait, the mundane, or seemingly purposeless, it all matters. Regardless of our wiring and our stories, we are called to love first.  There’s no need for us to sit around waiting for a booming voice from the sky when it comes to discovering our calling. We are called to care for the things we see right in front of us and anything or anyone else we can touch.

God is accomplishing a thousand tiny purposes at any given moment around us. We won’t always know what He is doing, so let’s leave the stuff we don’t know to God and believe that He will guide us. It may feel quiet and we may even feel forgotten but God is constantly moving and working out His plans all around us. So our job is to simply trust.


“Stand united, singular in vision, contending for people’s trust in the Message, the good news, not flinching or dodging in the slightest before the opposition. Your courage and unity will show them what they’re up against: defeat for them, victory for you—and both because of God.”

Philippians 1:27-28 MSG

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  1. What a beautiful reminder ! This is trully something I needed to hear. I’m going thru some dark times in my life right now. And have been for a while. But I did have my Beautiful Moms group where I had found some strength to keep going as well as trust God that He is there by my side. But then I ended up leaving, out of state.. Now I’m back and I am still in a search of a sisterhood community. Like this article states, “time and time again it is evident that there is certain power found in community with like-minded women”. And I couldn’t agree more! Thank you once again for this article and a reminder of certain things! 🙂

    • Beautiful Moms is such a fantastic community! I myself cannot wait for it to start again in the fall, along with other Beautiful groups :0) Maybe invite a few ladies over once a week or once a month and use the Right Now Media App or website to discuss something dear to your hearts this summer. One thing Ive come to learn, is the older we get, we have to be so intentional about getting together as there only becomes more and more distractions! I challenge you to this! Let me know if you need help :0)

  2. Sweetie that was a great message from a great woman, whom I look forward to getting to know better love youRoe

    • Girl you are such a sweet and authentic soul! Love you to pieces :0)

  3. Great Blog Chrissy! Every woman needs to read this!❤️

    • Thanks friend, yes, we each need to remind ourselves of this everyday! We are such a gift to one another and our impact for the Kingdom is greater when we join forces, while also accepting each of our unique pieces we’ve been called to display :0)

  4. This was written so eloquently Chrissy.
    I love you to pieces and will miss you this summer! We are in different seasons right NOW- but the short season we were in together was so powerful for me. Love you and will follow where God is leading you- and my daughter. ????????

    • Thanks aims, you were one of my first friends at Grace and it was because you reached out! Thanks for being who I needed at that time. Happy to see you using your gifts and passions out in the workplace! Boss lady!

  5. So much the opposite of what you hear from the “world guru’s “. This really resonated with me. Thanks, Kathy for sharing!

    • Right on girlfriend! The world would rather us compete and remain distracted by foccusing on ourselves. There is so much joy from serving and dreaming alongside other like minded women. So much joy and so much Power. Greater is He who lives in us…! Find your tribe friend and be intentional :0)

  6. This is a good word, Chrissy! Well stated, encouraging, and inspiring! Thank you for being real and being honest and available to other women. I am crazy proud of you!

  7. Chrissy so empowering! You really hit home for me. ????????????????

    • Makes my heart happy friend. God says you are free to run with reckless abandon! Run hard and trust that He is good and faithful to begin the work He has called you to :0)

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