By Robin Walls



Dear Fear,
We have been spending too much time together. You make me think less confidently. You make me act less bold. You make me feel anxious. The time I spend focusing on you is exhausting. It makes me angry when I realize I have let you creep in. I will not let you rule me because my God is bigger than anything that can cause me to feel what you are.


Dear Doubt,
You swoop in just when I’m feeling good about myself or when I’m proud of how I’m handling my current challenges. You make me second guess myself. A lot. That is a waste of time and I can never get those minutes, hours, days, etc back. You make me feel like I am not deserving of all the blessings that a life in Christ brings. And that is just not true!


woman-journalingDear Low Self Worth,
You have failed me again and again when you tell me that I am not enough or that I’m not worthy of love or of good things. Jesus died on the cross for me because I AM ENOUGH! So stop lying to me!


Dear Discouragement,
You sometimes cause me to back away from what I know God is calling me to do. You make me feel apprehensive and intimidated. When you are around, you make it hard for me to have the courage to speak Jesus’ love and truth to others. That is what I’m called to do and that is what I will do.


Dear Disappointment,
Because of you, when things don’t turn out the way I want them to, I turn to anger or sadness instead of turning to God. He knows my path and He knows the exact timing that is best for my life. When my path does not go as I planned, I will rely on Him to get me through and not you!


Dear Devil,
There is no room for you in my life, my home, my heart. You are not welcome near me or my family. Try all you want to break me down but I won’t let you. Jesus lives in my heart. He has all of the power and you have none. Go away and leave us alone.


Dear Jesus,
Thank you for saving me! Please help me to be strong and bold in who I am in You. Please give me courage to fight off all attacks from the devil. I will not let any negative words said to me or about me be my truth. You and Your love for me are the only truth I need. Because of Your love for me, I am redeemed. Everyday I will use the tools You have given me to fight against the enemy. I will be in Your Word. I will listen to worship music that praises You. And I will kneel at Your feet in prayer. Anytime I feel the devil hovering around searching for my weaknesses, anytime I hear his conniving whispers in my ear, I will surrender all to You because I know where my help comes from!

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  1. Robin,
    Thank you so much for your POWERFUL words!! I am printing this page which I will try to read daily just to remind me who’s I am!!

    • Robin, This is Yvonne, When I was young I needed courage in the absolute worst way, I believe I was afraid almost all of the time, I prayed for courage and after a while my courage grew, little by little till I am now filled with complete confidence, it is amazing what prayer can do. Never give up. Hugs, Y

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