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I am a planner.  I spend time planning every inch of my life.  I do this to protect myself from failure.  If I put all my efforts into my plan, what could go wrong?  And if something does go wrong, I have a back-up plan to carry me through the failed plan.  I believe Habakkuk 2:2, then the Lord replied, “Write down the revelation and make it plain on tablets”.   I may not have tablets from back in the day, but I have plenty of notepad paper.


Well, this year it appears that my plans have changed.  Without notice or warning, I have been informed by God that things are changing.  I was shocked that change could come into my life without my permission.  I was shocked that my best efforts did not change the outcome of my plans.   Why didn’t God clue me in earlier that no matter what I did to push forward my plan, it was not going to work?   Let’s think about this, if you knew something was going to turn out to be wasted effort, why go through it?  Why didn’t God tell me I was wasting my time?




I realized I owed God an apology.  This experience showed me just how proud God is of me, which led Him to decide it was time to enlarge my boundaries.  The problem is I attempted to control my destiny.   I failed to see myself as God’s child first and a women second.  I grew accustomed to calling the shots in my life, never considering that God’s opinion matters.  I pray Lord, may your will be done, but I never thought He would take me up on that offer.


I had taken a measuring stick and determined the limit of God for my happiness, wealth, and wellbeing.   In the book of Zechariah 2:1-3, we see a young man who tried to measure what God was doing in the city of Jerusalem.  How can you measure what God is doing in your life, or the limits that God will go through to get you where He wants you?  As women we tend to place limits on things we believe God can’t do.


When God blindsided me, I became vulnerable. Being vulnerable leaves you naked to hurt, pain, disappointment, and fear.   It also opens the door for God to speak if you choose to listen.  I saw myself different from the way that God sees me.  A blind person needs a cane to help him walk. I discovered that my plans may be great, but God’s plan for my life will always be greater.


Has God blindsided you?  Did He change your plans without your permission?  I encourage you to embrace it.  Yes, I now walk with a spiritual cane but the Word of God is a light to my pathway, and I release my boundaries to the will of God.  Are you blocking God from your path to His destiny for your life?  Let Him In!

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  1. Whoa, Dawn. Several lights went off in my brain after reading this one.
    Thanks for your insights and humility.

    • Your welcome Susan!! I hope God will speak into your life with a renewed sense of awareness into His awesome plan for your life!

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