By Stephanie Haile



My son loves war. War books, war stories, pretending to have war, etc. I’m not sure why as I’ve always been a peaceful person, encouraging my kids to get along, love each other and even be kind to their enemies. After all, that’s what Jesus would encourage his kids to do, right?


As I made breakfast for my kids this morning, I heard my 10 year-old son and 6 year-old daughter talking. My son was expressing his need for a book on World War 2, and my daughter yelled out “ If you like war, you love the devil!” Of course my son defended himself (thankfully without a hand grenade) and told his sister that Jesus even fought and God called nations to war. Upon hearing his wise words, I thought to myself, “What? Is my daughter right? Is fighting “bad” as we have been taught, or does God call us to fight?”


In Jeremiah 51:20, when God wanted to punish Babylon he called a man to be his “battle-ax and sword.” He did not say, “Be my flower delivery guy and bring flowers to every door in Babylon. Make peace with them and live in harmony forever and ever!” God recognizes, in his power and infinite knowledge when tough things need to be done, and when evil won’t go. It needs to be physically kicked out!


So how do we fight? Do we physically punch, kick and raise a ruckus with the guy in the checkout line at the grocery who won’t honor our expired coupon? While I may be tempted in that moment, God calls us in this aspect to be humble, just like Jesus. But like Jesus, we should fight for the big stuff, the God stuff.


1Timothy 6:12 says, “Fight the good fight of faith.”  So this tells me that Faith is a fight. The Bible says that war is waged against your very soul (1Peter 2:11) and Satan is out to steal, kill, and destroy (John 10:10). So we can count on the fact that the devil hates us. He wants us to fail. He wants us to have no joy. While we may be inclined to sit back and wish God would do something amazing to help our situation, Satan is planning his next attack.


I don’t know about you but this lit a fire in me! I realize that I need to take on God’s view of the fight we are in and not stay stuck in a generalized view of fighting. I need to understand my position in the fight and not be afraid of the enemy. But I do need to fight the right way. I need to build up my faith and stay connected to God so that I am not taken off guard.


So, with that being said, would you consider fighting everyday? Fight for your children, your job, your marriage, your joy, your peace, your faith! If you belong to Christ, you have the power and the weapons. In Ephesians 6:10, God says he gave you armor. The FULL ARMOR!! Let’s remember to put on every piece, tear up your white flag and fight!!! Read Ephesians 6:10-18 and consider yourself victorious!!!!



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  1. Thank you!
    These words are God’s love and encouragement for me today.

  2. Great blog stephanie!

  3. Love it! ❤️

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