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I rose early on a Sunday morning and started walking to the finish line.  My son is competing in the Chicago Marathon.  The hotel is miles away from the race, but I am determined to be there to see my son achieve this accomplishment.  Two hours turned into four hours before I received a message that he completed his race.  I was so inspired to see all of the runners.


There were competitors who entered the race with enormous challenges. Some where injured, some had physical limitations they had to overcome, some were going after a dream they had yet to achieve. It was amazing to see them finish what they started.  A total of 27,000 competitors, and my son was one of them!


I was so inspired by his accomplishment, but when I saw him, he had a slight limp and looked like he wanted to sleep forever.  But I also saw the medal around his neck, along with the other runners who completed their race.  It was worth it. They met their goals even if they were tired and dealing with some aches and pains they didn’t plan for. It’s caused me to think of the race I’m running.



God wants each of us to complete our race in this life. There will be road blocks and detours.  There will be disappointments along the way.  There may be days when you think you cannot go another mile or even take another step.  You may feel defeated by push back from the enemy.  But Ecclesiastes 9:11 says “the race is not given to the swift nor the strong but he who endures until the end.”


How do you compete with all the obstacles and darts that may come your way?  I do it by being intentional in my relationship with Jesus and standing firm in my position as a woman of God.  But the most important think I’ve learned is to run my own race.  No one can wear my shoes and my foot prints are unique to every place that God sends me.


It is vital that we run our race with purpose, knowing that we each wear different shoes.  Maybe you are Puma, Nike, or a Sketcher.  Perhaps you are a praying machine, a woman in the word, or maybe your race is to lead a small group or volunteer your time.  Everything we do gets us one step closer to our finish lines.  I want to finish the work that God has begun in me. And I try to remember when I don’t see anything happening, that is when God is doing the most!


My experience at the Chicago Marathon renewed my understanding that God does not need for me to do all of the work.  God needs me to be prepared, and ready for where He directs my feet.  The most important part of my race is to not to turn back and not quit. I can feel him helping me when I start to feel those unplanned aches and pains and he gives me endurance to finish.


How do you feel God’s help and presence as you to complete your race?

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  1. Thank you for this reminder! Adding Ecclesiastes 9:11 to my living prayer wall! Being in true relationship with God helps me run the race.

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