By Nathalie Corniel

My desire is to be a source of encouragement as we grow deeper in God’s truth to give hope to a hurting world. We can only give that which we have. So, how do we nurture our spiritual health?

When considering my own spiritual health, one question I ask myself is whether I have margin in my life for self-care and rest (the Bible calls it Sabbath)?

You may be asking, “What does that mean?”

Let me tell you, when I am tired and empty, I am not the easiest person to live with. As a working mom, wife, and student I get exhausted, can lose joy, and enthusiasm. Because of that, I need to reflect on how my soul and physical health are doing. I can crave a better attitude and a closer relationship with Jesus, but am I making changes to my routine to allow me the freedom to rest?


John Maxwell said “See what a person is doing every day…. and you’ll know who that person is and what he or she is becoming.” When we rest and take intentional time for our soul, it allows us to have a clearer perspective in life. God modeled relaxation for us by resting after creating the universe (Hebrews 4:4). Rest allows us to hear the voice of God by inviting His presences in our lives.

Here are some questions we can ask ourselves to measure our rest this week.

How do we find rest in a restless world?

How do we find rest in a time of a pandemic?

How are we carving out time to rest and invite God in those difficult dried places of our souls?


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  1. Thank you Natalie for such good word & great reminder of what is important & commanded by God. We crave rest, yet we are so challenged to proactively pursue it. So many things vie for our attention. How to balance? I recently was encouraged to PLAN for sabbath rest. Plan like you are leaving for vacation. Get done what needs to be done before you go. Then, fully enjoy rest. I’m still a work in progress : )

    • Thank you Michelle! What a great idea. Yes… we need to plan our rest day! 😊👍🏼

  2. In the mist of this Pandemic, things can turn sideways really quick.
    The struggle is real, when you realize your marriage is broken, your adult kids life are In Chaos. As a mom you forget to breath, to rest, can’t even pray because you’re so consume with anger, frustration, feeling overwhelmed and not knowing where to turn.
    This has been my pandemic struggles.
    But God is so faithful as he brings others to our life to remind us to STOP!!! And know who’s your creator. To kneel down and place my care at the feet of Jesus!!
    God is walking with me every step of the way, giving me strength when I feel like throwing in the towel. When those dry patches hit, he sends his angels to rescue me and reminds me to surrender to him. I have called on our leaders for guidance, that means we must swallow our pride and be transparent with others.
    I thank God for the woman he has place in my life to help me get to a better place.
    Thank you Nathaniel Corniel for these questions that makes us to Stop.. and reflex and do a soul search.
    God bless you sis

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