Ashley Jorgenson, GFC Waters

“Peace” was my word for 2020.

At the beginning of the year, this word was perfect. It was fitting. I felt peace. I had peace about everything lined up for this year. I was going to get a new job. I had mission trips and vacations planned. I had the best friends. The best family. I was in a perfect place in my relationship. Finances and health were good. For the first time in a long time, I felt complete peace about every area in my life.

Then the “real 2020” showed up. COVID. Lost job opportunities. Family moved away. Friends strayed. My seemingly perfect relationship became rocky. Close loved ones faced health problems. That perfect peace that I previously felt started to slip away. For the first in my life, I felt true anxiety. My new word for 2020 started to become ‘anxious’. The COMPLETE opposite of how the year started. I felt like everything that I had planned for the year was slowing being pulled away. One by one.

Then I remembered a scripture verse. Isaiah 60:22 says, “When the time is right, I the Lord, will make it happen.” Suddenly it clicked for me. The things God promised me, the PEACE God promises me, were still right in front of me. I just need to be still. He WILL make it happen.

When I looked closer at all the areas of my life causing me anxiety, I started to find peace in each one. I now get to visit Nashville like I’ve always wanted. The rocky areas in my relationship brought us to a place where we grew closer to each other. I have grown closer and deeper in relationship with SO many incredible women (most of whom I met through Beautiful 😉). Just because God was not working on my timeline, doesn’t mean He wasn’t working. It also doesn’t mean He’s not going to give all the things He promised at the beginning of the year. This week I pray that each one of you goes back to that place where God last promised you something and find peace in the fact that we serve a God who ALWAYS comes through. He’s never failed us yet and he won’t start now.

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  1. Ashley,

    God’s timing is perfect! I also felt the beginning of the year with so much promise and then anxiety hit. It is not until we let go of outcomes and just fully trust that Jesus, through the Holy Spirit, will teach and guide us to His perfect plan for our lives. This year has taught me that nothing can ever be placed before Him, not even for a little while. He is with us all the time and He is always good.

    Thank you for this blog!

    Sending you love
    In Christ,

  2. All the words you express was like I hearing myself expressing my anxieties and doubts through these difficult times that we are living. I realize that God still right in front of me waiting with His open arms to tell me that everything is alright and His timing is perfect. He is peace and comfort on our struggles. He is there for us and never failed us. He promise me spiritual enrichment and I declaring that what if is no longer on my thoughts, words and heart. I pray that God will give many more blessings on your lives.

  3. Beautiful!

  4. “ Peace be still “ what an amazing, refreshing God ‘s words through Ashley . Thank you p

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