In My Feelings

Tracy Johnson, GFC Van Dyke

Emotions aren’t easy for me to talk about, because, to be honest, I struggle with my emotions. I struggle with being joyful all the time, I struggle with my level of stress, and I struggle with keeping a smile on my face! While I’m putting it all out there, I must admit that I sometimes allow my feelings to negatively effect my view of things.

My own emotions have intrigued me so much that I have read articles, books, listened to Tedtalks, and watched videos and professors talk about this very subject.

Here is what I learned through my thorough research:

“Feelings don’t have intellect. They aren’t that bright. Don’t trust them.” This quote came from Priscilla Shirer and it blows my mind every time I hear or say it!

So Ladies, ask yourself this question: If we can’t trust something and it doesn’t have intellect, why are we listening to it?

I also learned that emotions are God given and we don’t have a choice in having them. Feelings are the responses of our emotions but in terms of our feelings, we have a personal choice in how we react. Is it always easy to manage our feelings? NO. But the blessing is, We Can!

Let’s work to be intentional in managing our reactions and not let something we can’t trust rule our behavior.


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