Nathalie Corniel, GFC Waters

I am so excited about our new Bible Reading Plan we are reading through the Beautiful Ministry and the Bible Study method we are using called S.O.A.R. It allows me to look at the Bible with fresh eyes! I am enjoying the space provided in the journal to jot down my scripture, observations, application, and reflection.

As an example, I was reading today’s Scripture John 1: 24-25, which caught my attention. Here the Pharisees were asking John the Baptist, “If you are not the Messiah, nor Elijah, nor the Prophet, why are you baptizing? ” This gave me a glimpse of how significant baptism was to the Jews. This was special to me because this weekend I had the opportunity to serve in our baptism ministry at the Water’s campus. It gives me this sense that I was participating in a very special event. I am thankful for this S.O.A.R. Bible Study Journal for helping me see the Bible in a new way.

My encouragement to all of us today is to allow ourselves to pause and observe the scriptures, apply what they are saying and reflect on how we can continue to be molded like Christ.

What are you grateful for today as you read God’s word?
Who do you need to encourage today that may need it?

God Bless!


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