Nathalie Corniel, GFC Waters

What happens when we compare ourselves to each other? We lose sight of the gifts we, as individuals, were given. We focus on our weaknesses instead of our strengths – what we DON’T have instead of what we DO HAVE.

God’s desire is for us to add value to others and this world with the gifts we were given. When we compare ourselves we lose confidence in who we are and were made to be. One of the most important reasons why we shouldn’t compare ourselves is because we lose our personality and our ability to be who God created us to be. Comparison breeds disillusionment and disappointment. But, when we focus on God and how He uniquely crafted and creates us we find: security, grace, acceptance, belonging and peace.

Comparison keeps us wanting and exhausted. It is always trying to meet other people’s expectations. We can become unpleasant and bitter about our lives which perpetuates a cycle of all that we lack.  There will always be someone who is faster, taller, stronger, prettier, smarter. etc. It is a never ending. We will never be content or fulfilled in who we are when our eyes are transfixed on others. We lose so much time, energy, and purpose and, in turn, we allow the enemy to rob us of our peace and our joy. The Word of God is filled with verses that speak about comparison. Here are a few to encourage us today.

Galatians 6:4-5 (NIV) Each one should test their own actions. Then they can take pride in themselves alone, without comparing themselves to someone else, for each one should carry their own load.

2 Cor. 10:12 (NIV) We do not dare to classify or compare ourselves with some who commend themselves. When they measure themselves by themselves and compare themselves with themselves, they are not wise.

Prov. 14:30 (NIV) A heart at peace gives life to the body, but envy rots the bones.

Comparison is a tactic of the enemy to distract us from God’s purpose for our lives and it leaves us feeling unworthy. The world needs the person God made! You are a gift to this world and others will be encouraged by your boldness. Ask God to show you where you may have been discontent about your life and ask Him to give you a new perspective on the life he wants you to live. God wants to use every part of our story for a greater purpose! Don’t waste it on comparing yourself to others. You are the best “YOU”! Lastly, When we believe who God says we are, we are boldly declaring that we believe Him and His Word. We are declaring that we trust Him and will embrace all He made us to be for his glory!


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  1. “The world needs the person God made!” Thank you Nat ❤️ Timely read for me and so many of us women! Thanks for always reminding us to embrace God’s perfect creation which lives within us.

  2. YES! Comparison is a trap of the enemy! Don’t take the bait! Great message Nathalie!

  3. I love this post so much. I am have been fighting with the devil trying to not let my thoughts of comparisons with my friends get in the way of how God truly created me. I believe that just because someone I know has some thing like a relationship, job, life, etc. that I do not have yet doesn’t mean that I won’t get it. It just means that God is not ready for me to walk through that door yet and that he has other plans before that happens.

  4. Yes! Such a battle in this day and age. But remember while you are looking at someone and thinking they are so great in some way, someone is looking at you and seeing your greatness in other ways:) You are fearfully and wonderfully made!

  5. Comparison will distract us and deviates us from our purpose within God

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