Lisa Tobias, GFC South Tampa

Have you ever struggled with doubts about your calling? Or, have you struggled to believe that your unique gifts can help build God’s Kingdom? I must confess that I definitely have.

When my husband experienced a pretty dramatic career change from personal trainer to pastor, doubt started to creep into my head. I asked myself, “Do I need to make a career change, too? Is what I do as a Pilates instructor important enough?” Fast forward a few years later when I had to close my Pilates studio, the doubting and questioning came rushing back in again.

I went to God with my doubts and questions.

In Matthew 7:7 it says, “Ask and you shall receive. Seek and you will find. Knock and the doors shall be open.”

Ask. Seek. Knock. 

Those are three action words that let us know there is something we can actively do or initiate that will bring us the answers, direction, and opportunities that we are seeking.

Take notice that each action word has an accompanied promise, from God:

Shall Receive, Will Find, and Shall be open.

Knowing those promises were available to me, I began to ASK God through prayer and fasting, and in faith, that He would reveal and confirm my calling and gifts.  It is God’s will that we know what His calling is for us. He wants us to know! Our part is to ask and pray, in faith and with expectation, that He will show us.

I created more space to SEEK God. Diligently seek HIM and His word. I went into a deep dive study on the subjects of calling and gifts, soaking up podcasts, audiobooks, and online studies from gifted pastors and authors.  It was like a treasure hunt, finding clues along the way! God is so faithful to reveal special insights and understanding of scripture through this process. And, He is faithful to show us glimpses of His will for our life when we seek Him.

I was also willing to KNOCK on different doors. Willing to explore other opportunities, learn a new skill set, try a different position at work, serve someplace new in the church. Through it all I constantly prayed for God to close the doors that weren’t going to fulfill His purpose for me. Many of those doors slammed shut, some slowly closed. During this journey God was slowly lighting my path, showing glimpses of a new vision/future, and confirming my gifts and my calling.

Friends, I can finally write about this with complete freedom and confidence knowing what my unique gifts and calling are and how I can use them to benefit God’s Kingdom.

If you are in a place of doubt, I encourage you to continue to seek Him, praise Him, and press on in faith. He will come through on His promises!


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