Jen Clements, GFC Lutz

Some of us set goals, accomplish them, and seem to slay life’s challenges with little effort. Often times, this success comes down to preparation. In one way or another we have been trained to prepare in ways that equip us to handle a specific set of challenges. Think about things like CPR, how to change a tire, or cooking your famous recipe. What are you prepared for? What have you planned for? And, what happens when you’re not prepared?

There is significant purpose in each process of preparation God takes us through. We must be faithful to the things and experiences God places in between us and our goals, our desires and calling. The life of David is a great example of this! He was anointed to be king of Israel but, what stood between him and his calling? Sheep. David wasn’t groomed to be a king but rather a shepherd. He couldn’t have walked into a palace and perfectly reigned – at least not with the heart God desired of him – not yet. David had to remain faithful in tending his father’s sheep until his time of preparation was complete. It is believed that David wrote Psalm 23 in his adolescence, can you imagine God downloading that type of wisdom at such a young age?! It was all a part of his divine preparation. God gave David the training and experience he needed to reign and rule a kingdom in a field of sheep!

I can say that I’ve gone through most of my life unprepared to accomplish what I desired but with a heart willing to learn along the way. Sometimes it’s okay to take a step back and say, ”God, I don’t want to mess this up, please prepare me for the next season and I’m okay with whatever it looks like.Your will be done.” While that can be a scary prayer because God’s preparation is usually unconventional, His promotions sometimes look like terminations and blessings often come on the other side of a challenge. Stay the course and hold on to His promises, they don’t expire! With God, the preparation always has value and the struggle gives us strength. God is always good!

Be blessed and know that all of heaven is cheering for you!


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