Jenny Smith, GFC Lutz

A few months ago my son was really sick and no medications were providing relief. He had to undergo all sorts of tests and kept getting a fever, breaking out in hives and swelling, and remained sick. We had to change his diet, and still, he was sick.

In a season of no answers, I was grasping for control in any way I could. (Anyone else ever cleaned the house like a crazy person because you could control it? Yep, that’s been me). But, I didn’t have control and it was hard not to feel like I was drowning.

But then God reminded me how He is the calm in my storm and even though things may seem out of control, HE is in control and even the waves must submit to Him. The waves are under His rule and if they come against us He uses them to serve His purposes. He showed me that I get to be the calm in my son’s chaos to show him who God is and how He is calm in our chaos.

Chaos doesn’t win. God wins. Every time. Even when our circumstances don’t feel like it. When the waves raged as the disciples were in the boat, Jesus wasn’t confused. He wasn’t oblivious or apathetic to the surrounding storm. HE was CALM, He was in control, and He was there WITH them.

“He got up and ordered the wind to stop. He said to the waves, “Quiet! Be still!” Then the wind died down. And it was completely calm.” Mark 4:39

So, what was I to do when He wasn’t ordering my waves to be still? What was I supposed to do when my son was so sick? I had the opportunity to be my son’s calm. I got to show him and my family a little glimpse of Jesus and how He brings us peace when things are hard.

I use these verses as a weapon whenever fear and anxiety try to creep in.

“God gave us his Spirit. And the Spirit doesn’t make us weak and fearful. Instead, the Spirit gives us power and love. He helps us control ourselves.” 2 Timothy 1:7

“You rule over the surging sea; when its waves mount up, you still them.” Psalms 89:9

Even when our circumstances are not changing, we can still have peace. Because chaos doesn’t win, Jesus does. How great is it that we can show our friends and family how Jesus is the calm in our storm. How great that we get the privilege of being His vessel to bring peace to those around us!

Don’t underestimate the power of being the calm in someone else’s storm. It may feel like you can’t do anything, you’re stuck, you don’t have answers or solutions. But, if you are calm in the chaos, you are showing Jesus and that is powerful.


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