Lisa Tobias, GFC South Tampa 

Recently I was flipping through the pages of some of my old journals from 2021 and 2022. I enjoy this habit of looking back and reflecting on different situations or seasons of life and being able to see God’s faithfulness in how He has carried me through.

During this analysis something stood out to me about my journal entries during the months of March, April, and May. There was a consistent underlying theme during these spring months, for both years. The theme was rebirth, renewal. One journal entry was about the rebirth of a business plan. Another about the awakening of a gift/talent that had been dormant for a long time. And, another about a new vision. A new purpose.

How appropriate that our great Creator who designed the beautiful spring season for our natural world would also providentially plan a very personal way for us to experience a rebirth/renewal season in our spiritual life! The same God who gives a season for dormant plants resembling just brittle sticks to suddenly peek through the cold barren ground in search of light and warmth, is the same God who provides a way for His own children to break free from spiritual darkness in pursuit of His light.
The same God who creates a way for those once brittle plants to now show buds and fresh growth is the same God who provides a way for His children to experience new life, new dreams, and continued spiritual growth. The same God who allows those trees to blossom again with beautiful bright colors and rich foliage is the same God who provides a way for His children to live in the fullness of joy, in light and freedom, with a new purpose, ALL for His name’s sake.

With every spring season we are reminded of His beautiful creation. With every Easter celebration we are reminded of His great love for us and the sacrifice he paid for us. So, my sisters in Christ, during this season we are given another chance to experience spiritual renewal. Be encouraged by His resurrection- maybe this is a season of rebirth or renewal for you? Be inspired to grow and blossom- YOU are His greatest creation and maybe you have a gift lying dormant that you can use to bless others.

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