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The Perfect Gift

By Caryn Mora, GFC Van Dyke  During the Christmas season we often focus on the giving of gifts. Sometimes we pick up a quick gift card, knowing exactly which restaurant or store will bring a smile to our loved ones faces. Other times we browse stores (or web pages) for hours, agonizing over what to buy.  For us gift seekers, there is good news! God has already provided the perfect gift. (Luke 2:10-11) He came to earth as a tiny baby. He had one solitary purpose. He was to be the sacrifice for our sins. His willingness to become a man, lead a perfect life and die for us opened the door to so many perfect gifts. He gave us salvation, forgiveness, peace, joy, love and hope. This Christmas, won’t you consider passing on a few of these one-size-fits-all perfect gifts? Will you open your heart to forgive someone who
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By Jennifer Clements, GFC Land O’ Lakes   When an offense comes, are we controlled by our emotions? Recently, I learned a very valuable lesson after one of my Zoom
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Freedom to Rest

By Nathalie Corniel My desire is to be a source of encouragement as we grow deeper in God’s truth to give hope to a hurting world. We can only give
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By Pam Otto, GFC Van Dyke Earlier this year, my daughter encouraged me to choose a word that would be used as an inspiration or encouragement for 2020. She thought
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When Everything Is Shaking

by Rossaue Hosein   Deny, Cry, Numb, Run. Which stage are you currently in? You probably have passed the denial phase since everything that can be shaken in our world
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A Few of My Favorite Quarantine Things

By Carrie Roden As we enter our second month of “safer at home,” we are all in different situations, and some of them are much more difficult than others. Many
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By Vicky Orefice The 2019 GFC Beautiful Conference is officially in the books and it did not disappoint! This year’s theme was “Stronger” and when I think about what that
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