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Crucial Christmas Conversations

By Debbie Altman     I don’t know about you, but as the holiday season approaches, our family can sometimes feel a bit overwhelmed and frustrated with trying to figure out how, when, where and with whom we will celebrate.  Considering immediate family, extended family, friends, work schedules, multiple church services, in-laws, young children’s bedtimes or naptimes, varying traditions and values, etc…one of the most sacred of holiday seasons can be tainted with tension.  Surely not your family Debbie?!  Yes, our family.  Just trying to keep it real!   So, there we are talking about Christmas and there is tension, and that just feels so wrong!   Well, I don’t have any perfect solutions, because human relationships are not perfect.  But good relationships are possible, and so I remind myself of some of the principles of healthy conflict resolution that I’ve learned and continue to practice at.  They are so
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