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Alexis Patterson, GFC Lutz I vividly remember anticipating the birth of my first child. She was our girl and our first and what a joy she was! It wasn’t just the anticipation of her birth but also the anticipation of parenthood, motherhood for me. There were times during pregnancy when I would imagine what she would look like and how holding her would feel. Approaching my due date, I would dream of staring into her eyes and the bond we would create. While pregnant, I prepared for her arrival. With a baby shower and all the nesting a mama could handle, I set up a special place for her in our home. I went through the first time mama checklist of all the things I needed for our hospital stay. I did everything I knew to do, to welcome that sweet precious girl into our world. You have probably anticipated
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Prepare Him Room

Jenny Smith, GFC Lutz  It is so easy during the holidays to get caught up in the “busy” … the shopping, the errands, the cooking, the wrapping, the list goes
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Simply Christmas

Pastor Debbie Altman I do love Christmas!  There is something about the season that truly does soften the world a little bit…even for those who may not believe as we
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From the Mouths of Babes

Pam Otto, GFC Lutz Thanksgiving. Gratitude. Thankfulness.  The season is here. Have you slowed down yet or taken a few minutes to reflect on the things that you’re  grateful for
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We ARE Better Together!

Michele Laccabue, GFC Carrollwood  A couple of months ago, our youngest son got married. What a glorious season of preparation and anticipation. Walking in the mother-of-the-groom role for the first
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Nothing but Gratitude

Thanksgiving 2011, I was sitting in the driveway with one of my dearest friends, watching the kids ride their bikes up and down the street, awaiting the dreaded call of
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Peace, Not of My Own.

When you’re in the middle of receiving the news that one of your worst nightmares has in fact come to pass…. ….What are your first thoughts? Let me share with
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