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Thanksgiving. Gratitude. Thankfulness.  The season is here.

Have you slowed down yet or taken a few minutes to reflect on the things that you’re  grateful for this past year?  

As we begin preparing for Thanksgiving this next week, and then Christmas around the corner, let’s consider pausing a bit and maybe be a little more intentional with focusing on all we have to be grateful for.

“What does “Gratitude” mean anyway?

I recently had the joy of asking a few little friends, ages 3-7, what Gratitude meant to them…I think you’ll enjoy their honest thoughts:

Cooper was right on target when he shared that “Gratitude is being happy about how you feel about things!”
Lucas said “It’s like, you’re thankful that someone shared the last cookie with you and they didn’t eat it all themself.”
When I asked my nephew Jeremiah what Gratitude meant, He said, “Does that mean I’m grounded?” 🙂  Then he said, “Nah, I think it means ‘watch your attitude’.” After a bit more coaching, he said “Well, it means being kind and respectful and happy.”

How would you answer this question?  What does Gratitude mean to you?

A simple definition of Gratitude is: A positive state of being; A feeling of thankfulness and appreciation for someone or something.

God invites us to take time to pause, remember, and reflect on His goodness in our lives.

1 Samuel 12:24 says, “Trust the Lord and sincerely worship him; think of all the tremendous things he has done for you.”

This verse encourages us to consider the great things God has done in each of our lives.  When we do this, it honors God and is a form of our worship as we put Him in His rightful place.

Our gratitude connects us more deeply to God as we are reminded of his consistent faithfulness in our lives.

Besides our closer connection to God, some further benefits of practicing Gratitude are:

Improves health

Increases energy

Elevates your mood

Keeps you present

Increases patience

Improves relationships

Increases resiliency

Builds character

This Thanksgiving season, let’s be mindful and carve out time in our holiday schedule to follow through with 1 Samuel 12:24 and be filled with Gratitude, thinking of all the tremendous things He has done for us!

Maybe we can be like Lucas, and be thankful that someone shared their last cookie. 😉


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