Growing Old With The Holy Spirit

July 21, 2023

By: Katie Eldridge

Psalm 71 is a prayer of praise, petition, pleading, and gratitude. David’s words weave his thought process of desire with his relationship with the Lord. The words sound like a believer who has aged and matured in time with the Almighty God.

Growing old with the Holy Spirit is something to desire with the blessing of age; the desire to walk with Him for years through blessings, troubles, learning and gaining wisdom. The relationship builds into something only God could speak into and bless.

As we grow, we learn to praise Him and bring Him glory until our last breath. Every word and motion, through thick and thin, honors our Good God.

This is the desire of my heart. Is it your desire as well?

Let me encourage you to thank the Holy Spirit for His past, current, and future walk with you. Ask Him to be intimately entwined in you through it all. 

This is my prayer for us today…may we lean into all He has for each of us:

Jehovah Shammah, how I desire closeness with you. I reach out to you. God, I know you’re there, but strengthen my belief through maturity. My love story is for you, Jesus, because it’s the only one I couldn’t live without. My life would be empty, silent without your words, and directionless without your guidance. You are a rich and magnificent blessing; it’s incredible that I have you as my rock, my refuge, and my hope. Where would I be without you? My heart breaks in knowing I looked away from you for so long. I’m thankful to have grown from that. Thank you for taking my hand and bringing me with you.

Jesus, you have blessed me and made me better. You are a miracle worker. Throughout my story and my future, all the glory is to you because your work is amazing and full of grace.

Lord, I am thankful for you, to the point that words can’t describe it. All I can do is live for you and die to everything else. Holy Spirit, I desire to grow old with you. I need maturity to continue on with your sole influence. Nothing would be more wonderful than to reach out in my last years and know that from here until then, I couldn’t be closer to you unless I passed and walked with you in heaven. I want my desires to no longer be owned by me, but by you, so that my life is aligned with your will in every way.

I want all of you, Lord. To breathe you in and breathe out your praises. You are good and holy; the blood you shed is so precious, the pain you suffered immaculately purposeful.

Thank you, Jesus, for every part of it.

May your good and perfect will be done in your Holy and Almighty Name, Jesus!

I love you and will continue to grow in that love. Thank you for immeasurably more.


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