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In My Feelings …

In My Feelings Tracy Johnson, GFC Van Dyke Emotions aren’t easy for me to talk about, because, to be honest, I struggle with my emotions. I struggle with being joyful all the time, I struggle with my level of stress, and I struggle with keeping a smile on my face! While I’m putting it all out there, I must admit that I sometimes allow my feelings to negatively effect my view of things. My own emotions have intrigued me so much that I have read articles, books, listened to Tedtalks, and watched videos and professors talk about this very subject. Here is what I learned through my thorough research: “Feelings don’t have intellect. They aren’t that bright. Don’t trust them.” This quote came from Priscilla Shirer and it blows my mind every time I hear or say it! So Ladies, ask yourself this question: If we can’t trust something and
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Dear 2021 …

Dear 2021 Caryn Mora   I recently read a letter on Facebook. It was short and to the point. It simply said, “Dear 2020, Go away. #Seriously!” Is there anything
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The Perfect Gift

By Caryn Mora, GFC Van Dyke  During the Christmas season we often focus on the giving of gifts. Sometimes we pick up a quick gift card, knowing exactly which restaurant
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What I Don’t Deserve

By Amy Hafner, GFC South Tampa Last week, I loaded up the car and headed across town to my eldest son, Blake’s baseball practice. I look forward to these practices
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HE IS. Peace.

Ashley Jorgenson, GFC Waters “Peace” was my word for 2020. At the beginning of the year, this word was perfect. It was fitting. I felt peace. I had peace about
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By Nathalie Corniel   Isaiah 40:29-31 He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak. Even youth grow tired and weary, and young men stumble and
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Thieves of Peace

By Jennifer Clements, GFC Land O’ Lakes How do you feel about porch pirates? We’ve all seen videos of people stealing long-awaited packages of Christmas presents and unknown treasure. To
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